Company Profile

At present it offers novices the opportunities to experience a freefall skydive from up to 14,000 feet over the beautiful Denarau Island. There is also the option to land onto the beaches of participating resorts.In the future we hope to be able to offer tandem skydives landing at resorts on the Coral Coast and in the Mamanuca Islands.

Tandem Skydive (Fiji) Ltd has put together a highly experience group of skydiving instructors and pilots. They have also employed a number of local staff including a ground co-ordinator, safety officer and guest liaison.

Meet the Staff

Tim Joyce: Managing Director / Chief Pilot


 Tim did his first parachute jump at the age of seventeen and has been a skydiving instructor for        more than twenty eight years. During his skydiving career Tim has been involved in a number  of  international skydiving competitions including skydiving formation record attempts in  Indonesia and Thailand. In 1992 he was a member of the Australian champion parachuting  team, ‘Precision Collision’ which represented Australia at the World Championships in  China and broke a number of Australian records. Tim was also on Australia’s largest  freefall formation of 81 skydivers, a record set in 1999. He is a life member of the  Australian Parachute Federation, has an APF Instructor B rating for Accelerated Freefall,  Static Line and Tandem student training and is a ‘Licensed Display Organiser’ with over  6,000 jumps.






Skydive Fiji is operating an especially modified Cessna aircraft which has been fitted with a large Continental IO-550 fuel injected engine to enable it to climb quickly to high altitudes. This large engine coupled with a three bladed propeller also means that the engine operates at a lower RPM on takeoff dramatically reducing engine and propeller noise.

The Cessna is also fitted with custom made in-flight opening door which not only enables comfortable skydiving operations but is ideal also for search and rescue operations and aerial photography. Skydive Fiji’s aircraft carries up to five skydivers. It allows two tandems and an extra camera person on each load.



Janine, Danielle (tandem passenger from Melbourne) and Cookie