Height in Feet
Height in Metre
Freefall Sec
8,000 FT
2,500 m
15 Sec
F$ 525
10,000 FT
3,100 m
30 Sec
F$ 670
12,000 FT
3,700 m
45 Sec
F$ 765
14,000 FT
4,300 m
60 Sec
F$ 800


Digital Camera Options


Hand Cam: Video OR Stills Only on USB
F$ 220
Hand Cam: Combo Video AND Stills on USB
F$ 285
Ultimate Camera Package: Outside Camera and Hand Cam Combo on USB
F$ 510

* Kindly note, we will require a deposit for all pre-booked skydive jumps. From November 6th 2013, in accordance with the Reserve Bank of Fiji regulation change, please note there will be a 3.5% surcharge on all payments made by credit card*

Camera Options Explained

Personal Photos-F$ 220

You will be given a USB with a minimum of 36 photos personal still photos of your whole experience.

Handycam Video - F$ 220
Your Tandem Master can wear a handycam camera on his wrist capturing footage of your entire skydive.

Handycam Video and Photos Combo - F$ 285
Get both Personal Photos and a Handycam Video in one package! We edit a great video and give you a USB with a minimum of 36 photos!

Ultimate Camera Package-F$ 510
Includes the handycam video & photos combo taken by your tandem master and video and photos taken by another camera man flying around you. So you get 2 beautiful views of your skydive!